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Delivery Information

Community Feature Sheet
Typical Work Flow

A typical Community Feature Sheet workflow takes 3-4 business days. This workflow is a collaborative process between Realtors and VOOY MARKETING to deliver an amazing home marketing product you will be proud to display for potential home buyers.

Getting Started

Step 1 (Day 1) – Ordering - Place an order, submit payment and agree to terms of service.

Step 2 (Day 1) – Collaboration - We interact with you via email to get the listing address, discuss any special needs and ideas, get your headshot(optional) and contact information.

Research and Design

Step 3 (Day 1-2) – Research and Data – We research listing specific neighbourhood information and prepare it for publication.

Step 4 (Day 2-3) – Graphic Design - Integration of the community information into the feature sheet design.

(*If you have ordered a custom feature sheet design, we will integrate your logo, colors and other branding elements at this time.)

Proof and Revisions

Step 5 (Day 3) – Proof – You receive a proof and provide feedback and suggestions.

Step 6 (Day 3-4)– Revisions – We further collaborate with the customer to finalize the feature sheet content and design.

Delivery and Printing

Step 7 (Day 4)– Email Delivery – We deliver a high resolution, print ready file

Step 8 – Printing – You print the number of feature sheets required.

*This sample timeline is an estimate based on a typical project. Some feature sheets take a little longer, others are completed faster.