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About Us

VOOY Marketing Inc is a real estate marketing company that leverages the power of communities to inspire home buyers, and we love what we do. We create products that are conceptually interesting and visually stunning. We design with the belief that process and collaboration with our customers should be as exciting and fun as a result.

We are service driven by great ideas in real estate marketing. Working with Realtors, we help to put their listings in a community context. This approach helps the Home Buyer get a complete picture as they decide to purchase a property.

We are proud to have worked with hundreds of clients in the residential and commercial real estate markets all across Canada and the United States and look to continue serving our customers as we grow

Come, let’s work together!

Our Mission Statement

To create value for REALTORS® by helping them to present home and community

information and insights through innovative products that contribute to

excellent home buying experiences.

Our Vision

To help every home buyer discover and choose the neighborhood and

a community of their dreams with the hopes of contributing to it

and enjoy it for a lifetime.


To develop and offer unique products and services that

enhance home marketing presentations.

To provide insightful and creativity displayed information

and data to potential home buyers.

To serve every customer with a high level of care and

attentiveness at all times.

Core Values

Service – we respond to customers quickly and always strive for friendly interactions with our customer.

Community – we always remember that a neighborhood and community is an important extension of a home.

Innovation – we always look for new ways to support REALTORS® with innovative products and services.

Creativity – we always take a creative approach to our product design and marketing.

Quality – we strive to deliver high quality, professional products, and services that REALTORS® are proud to display.

Charity – we always contribute to the communities we live in and encourage others to do the same.